Wednesday, January 12, 2011

a change of attitude??

It's been a busy few days. Since I know you were all waiting anxiously, we did unload the Saturn on an unsuspecting auto dealership. If you're in the Nashville area, and you see a used dark blue Hybrid Saturn Vue, don't buy it. Seriously. We are now the proud owners of a 2008 Honda Pilot, and it's a pretty sweet ride. I've been driving around in the snow like a professional. So, that's one less thing to worry about.

There's also the aforementioned snow. We awoke Monday morning to a few inches' accumulation, so school is naturally cancelled indefinitely. Now it's snowing again, so I'm afraid people are going to start digging out their Y2K stashes.

Here's the whole possible change of attitude thing: snow gear. When I realized on Monday that I was going to have to march my pregnant butt out into the snow for the second time this season, I cringed. And shivered. And maybe even cried a little. Because as a not pregnant person, I hate the cold, but I have the option to layer. There is no layering as a pregnant lady as nothing fits this expanding belly. But then...oh! I remembered that M has an old ski bib/pants/thing hanging in the closet. And a big Colgate-worthy parka in another closet. Let me tell you, I will never play in the snow again without serious clothing. I didn't even mind being out there despite the fact that my hands kept disappearing into the coat's sleeves. Never again, people. It was magical.

My friend J across the pond commented that she purchased snow gear for herself last winter, and it's made a huge difference. Previously, she'd get her boys all bundled up but they could only play so long before she was frozen like Audrey Griswold, but now they can just play outside in the snow until everyone wants to come inside. Really. I realize now that as mamas, we (I am admittedly new to the game) try to keep our kids safe and warm and comfortable, but we never want to spend the money to keep ourselves in the same state. And, people, the kids' stuff will have to be purchased over and over and over again. Those little twerps keep growing. If you buy stuff for yourself, it'll last forever if you don't gain a bunch of weight or catch it on fire. So, I've declared that I will buy myself snow gear next year. (Not this year...I'm preggers, remember?) I will be prepared and mildly pleasant when it snows. I urge you all to do the same because, seriously, if I can embrace the idea of enjoying snow, anyone can. Anyone.
Now, completely unrelated...I've decided that I must not be all bad when it comes to parenting because my daughter told me this morning that she wants to be Kathy Selden when she grows up. Not Hannah Montana or Dora or anyone else. Kathy Selden. Know who that is? It's Debbie Reynolds's character from Singin' in the Rain. I love it. I also love Gene Kelly. He's a handsome devil, he is. Now go enjoy your day.


Va said...

1) I felt the same way when I got rid of my Neon POS. Hahaha. Sweet freedom.

2) Snow gear! Hello! I'm sorry, I would have told you. My husband nearly fell over in shock when he saw me playing in the snow because typically I dislike the cold but love the snow. Go figure. So I'm glad you've discovered the joy that is frozen water play!!!
And, end of the season is a great time to buy snow gear, good gear, cheap. Just saying.

Happy hugs all around to you and your clan. I'm working on the pay it forward but that's a super secret stealth project, so no further details here. :)


Wonderland said...

YES!!! I am so glad you've discovered what a difference good foul weather gear can make. It can bridge the distance between intolerable and tolerable. That is why, even though it is the dang ugliest thing you've ever seen, I am rocking a huge puffy monstrosity of a coat every single day. It makes the intolerable tolerable. Yeah for you!

die Frau said...

Look for good sales in a month or so for snow gear. I got my favorite winter boots (which have furry tops and are crazy warm and go up to my knees) on sale last April. I didn't even get to wear them until this winter, but who cares?

I love that she wants to be Kathy Selden. Thank goodness she didn't want to be Lena Lamont.... ;-)