Wednesday, February 24, 2010

pete and repeat.

Did you notice? It was the first thing Mr. Ouiser noticed. Know what I'm talking about? The fact that it had been so long since I blogged before yesterday that I didn't even remember or bother to check that I'd already posted that picture of S building her snow girl. Oh, well. You'll live. I'm making up for it by blogging again today.

I'm feeling rather accomplished because I've already run the dishwasher, there are loads of laundry in the washer and the dryer, I've been to the post office to send a gift to my newly engaged dearest friend, and I've been to the grocery. Mind you, the "stuff" is still not all put away and my bed isn't made, but I am taking it easy. Life will go on. I think. At least dinner will get made at some point and we'll all have clean underwear tomorrow.

In my great blogging hiatus of 2010 I've been flooded with all kinds of profound thoughts. Thoughts about politics. About art. About being a mama. About food. About my garden. About those new 2010 habits that are totally not going well (my fingernail nubbins are proof of that). I don't want to get into it today, though, so I'm just going to list some things that I am loving today.
  • Hot coffee.
  • S enjoying Elizabeth Mitchell on the ride to school.
  • Reading John Philip Duck this morning.
  • Getting ready to take Mellie to lunch.
  • Gloves.
  • Knowing that my kitchen is restocked with good stuff.
  • The forecast, which predicts that it will, in fact, warm up again soon.
I'm off, peeps. I've got to make a couple of phone calls before my lunch date.

Oh, and since I cheated you out of a new photograph yesterday, here you go. S had colored herself to be "like Mulan." Also check out that awesome ring she's sporting. I love that kid.

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