Tuesday, February 23, 2010

off the grid

It's been awhile, huh? Sorry about that. I was just being a blog bum, but then we were out of the house for five days while the floors were refinished. It was a surprise. You might recall that our floors were just refinished last Spring. We are not overzealous floor re-finishers or anything, but the finish didn't adhere properly, and our floors were really messed up. They were peeling and cracking, and it was a disaster. So, the guy was coming to deal with it, and I thought he was just going to try out fixing the floors on one little spot. I thought S and I would just have to be out of the house for the day. Wrong. Totally wrong.

So, at 730 last Wednesday morning, I started tearing my house apart, shoving furniture into bedrooms, moving things upstairs. Then I was informed that we'd need to be out of the house for three days...then we could come in on sock feet on day four, then in shoes on day five, then we could move the furniture back on day six. We are very fortunate to have my family close by that was willing to take us in. We are very fortunate to have a groomer who will board our dog with literally five minutes notice.

Anyway, that's where we've been for the last week. We came home Sunday night. We spent the day at Mellie's yesterday since the furniture was still in the bedrooms. But today, o glorious day of miserable weather, we are in our home. Almost normal. S has painted. She has glued. She has colored. She has fed me pretend apples. As soon as I get all the "stuff" back where it belongs, we'll be all set.

Moving on. Since you've last heard from the Ouisers, in addition to being out-of-pocket, we have played in the snow when the temperature was below freezing. We have played outside without jackets, building fairy houses when the temperature was in the 60s. We have hosted a bad art party (more about that later). We have celebrated Valentine's Day. We have visited the Frist (which is currently housing what I swear is the most amazingly beautiful piece of modern sculpture I've ever seen.) It's been fun.

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