Thursday, November 12, 2009

what a day.

Today has been great. Really. Exhausting, but great.

We went to play with Feathernester and L this morning, then we all went to Reading Rock for story time and a CKMH (Cute Kids of McCreary Heights...McCreary Heights is our 'hood) play date. It was a blast, and S and L and their friends SR, AS, and BW had crazy fun. At the end of the stories, S, L, and AS were literally running in circles around another child as if said child was a maypole. Hysterical to us, maybe not to the mama of that kid, so we made them stop. The kiddos then ran wild around the store for a bit, then we all came back here for lunch and playing. Mamas sat and ate, kids played. Totally fun.

Now S is napping while I make a cannellini bean and pork stew for dinner. Then I have to take Abbe shopping for Mellie Mellie's birthday, which is tomorrow. Then there will be more playing with L. I have a hunch S and I will both crash hard this evening. Well, I know I will.

And tomorrow? Tomorrow M finally comes home from Boston. Finally. Thank goodness. Until next time, peeps...


feather nester said...

It WAS wicked fun. We missed you guys. And are so happy you will be welcoming M home tomorrow.

Yum said...

Yeah, we liked having him here, but he was obviously eager to return to his ladies :)