Monday, November 23, 2009

has anyone seen my sanity?

Where to even begin?? The past seven days have been utterly crazy. Actually, I think last Monday was really pleasantly calm. But then Tuesday showed up. Here's the rundown:
  • Tuesday we headed northwest to Cadiz, KY to help Feathernester move some things to the new lake cottage. I don't actually think we provided any help because with my "help" comes the "help" of my daughter, which is decidedly unhelpful. Either way, let's just say that the day at the lake ended for us with a backed up septic system flooding a bathroom and leaking through the ceiling after yours truly turned on the dishwasher. I hightailed it out of there with both of the toddlers, leaving Feathernester with peace and quiet, a lovely view of the lake, and the stench of a backed-up septic system. No one can accuse me of being a bad friend. So, that day was a little nuts.
  • Wednesday was my first PT appointment for my back, and it was mind-blowing. As it turns out, I've been doing things all wrong. There is, I now know, a huge difference between a straight or flat back and a neutral spine, and neutral spine is what I've needed to achieve. So, my brain is still processing that one. Wednesday night also saw the Ouisers heading out to the Springsteen concert. Traffic was a bit of a mess, but we found a seemingly great parking spot, we paid the meter, and we headed off in search of dinner. There was a lot of walking and a lot of my refusing to wait for tables at restaurants I didn't really want to eat at. So, we hit SATCo, which was great, and we ran into the Opry gift shop after we ate where we picked up a Christmas gift for ToddlerTamer's J. We were heading back to the car to stash the gift before the show, and our heart rates jumped as we looked down 4th Avenue toward the Honda. There were a lot of flashing lights and a couple of tow trucks, one of which was in the process of hauling off a car that looked a lot like a 2001 silver Honda Accord. So, yeah, our car got towed. We spoke to the police officers and they had the tow truck guy give us a lift to the impound lot. All we could do was laugh. I mean, least we caught on to our car being towed then and not after the concert. So, as they were unloading our car, we were paying to get it back. Ninety-five dollars later, we were on our way back to Sommet Center. In addition to being stoked that we got the car back before the show, we found it terribly exciting that we saved the Metro storage fee ($20) that we would've been charged after the show...and the cab fare to get us there. All in all, if you're going to get your car towed for failing to read signs, you should do it Ouiser-style. We finally got to the show, and Bruce started an hour late, so we didn't miss anything. He played my favorite*, Thunder Road, and M's favorite, Santa Claus is Coming to Town, so it was great.
  • Thursday was CKMH play date day, and we had a blast. It was a great day all around.
  • Friday was another great day for us, though L was sick, so there was no zoo-going. Instead, we made yoga-pies** on the stump in the front yard and played circus and then went to the farm for lunch.
  • Saturday morning, we painted pottery with my fam, and S thought it was great. She wasn't actually interested in being thorough, so I am very interested in what her creations will look like. Very interested. Then we went to lunch with our peeps, and I could tell that S was feeling less-than-stellar. She didn't want to eat, and she didn't want to sit with grandma or either or her aunts. She was clinging to me like white on rice. She began running a fever that evening, and I ended up sleeping with her all night. It was, needless to say, a long night.
  • Yesterday was an entire day filled with princess movies watched on the couch or in the bed. Lots of water. Lots of Tylenol. S's fever has stayed in the 101-102.5 range. She puked up her pack of gummies (the ONLY thing she ate all day). She slept pretty well last night. I only had to go up at 330 when she was crying for a drink of water.
  • Today she's back on the couch and we're heading to the doctor in a couple of hours because she puked again and that fever is still kicking her tail. Now M has a sore throat and my head is seriously stopped up. The Ouisers are not in great shape, but doggone it, I am determined to get us all well in time to leave on our trip on Wednesday. Determined.
Okay, that is all. The kid on the couch needs her mama.

*I have consistently claimed two favorite songs since I was fifteen-years-old. Thunder Road by Springsteen and This Time of Year by Better than Ezra. These are unwaveringly my favorite songs, and if I died tomorrow, I would like them played at my funeral. Along with a little Elvis.
**Yummy, yummy yoga pie.


Strongmama said...

wow, we could eerily have the same funeral. I've never met anyone else who also LOVES that BTE song.

So glad you got your car back before the concert and glad you had a great time.

I hope S feels better soon and that you are all healthy for Thanksgiving!

Reid This said...

Hello Sommer!

I have to comment on blogs for school and I thought of all the people in the world's blogs yours should be one of the two! I hope you are having a great Thanksgiving, and no one else in your house gets sick with what I have now dubbed the 'Commission Virus'. Why you ask? Well it is because you don't do anything but lay around wretch for a few days. Kinda like how I feel after every commission meeting.