Thursday, June 05, 2008

stick a fork in me

What's been happening in the P household? Hmmm...

Potty-training has been abandoned. S was completely stressed out. She's not ready, and that's okay.

M nearly had dinner come out of his nose last night because S has learned a new word. The word is "fork," but S can't really pronounce R's. I'm guessing you can figure out what "fork" comes out sounding like. She said it about thirty times in rapid succession at dinner last night, and M's face was bright red as he tried not to burst into fits of tears from the laughter. It was pretty funny.

S and I are still attempting to recover from potty training, so we've been totally low key. We've spent most of the past 24 hours dancing to the new Motown mix I made for her...and swinging on the porch swings...and eating grapes, which are her new favorite food. I think they kicked strawberries from the top spot simply because she can say grapes. Or, "gapes". Like I said, no "R's."

I would really, really love some chocolate chip cookies right now.

I am super excited about Barack Obama, and I think he should choose me as his running mate.

I'm going to bed. I really only posted so I'd remember the fork thing. I'm out. Sleep tight, little twiddlebugs.


die Frau said...

That is hilarious, one for the baby book. There's something about tiny kids accidentally swearing....

I think you would make an excellent running mate, but would that cut into your swinging, gape-eating time? ;-)

I LOVED the twiddlebugs and how they lived in a milk carton in Ernie's flowerbox. I especially liked their "picture" of the George Washington stamp on the wall.

mo wask said...

ok so when did you get the swings installed? and no pictures yet! slacker. you must be in official "professional chiller-outer" mode, eh? :) or you are coveting them all to yourself and are not willing to share with us folks that are porch challenged. sucks not having a porch. we miss ours so. :)