Monday, June 23, 2008

hunka, hunka burnin' love

So, M and I spent the weekend in Canandaigua, NY for Scarlet Lily's wedding. Gorgeous. Perfect. Wouldn't change a thing about it. Well, almost. Seems the reception was a bit of a fire hazard. The tables at the reception were very pretty, and there were lots of votives around the centerpieces. Unfortunately, the folks at our table can't be trusted with open flames. Somehow (and I really don't know how), as the wedding party was being introduced and were entering, a wedding program that was at our table went up in flames. Not smoking, people. Burning. It was across the table from me, but the guys sitting there were trying to pat it out with more paper, which wasn't working because we're talking about legitimate flames. Someone finally had the good sense to throw their water onto our little campfire, which left our table in a haze of stinky smoke and a puddle and one now blackened napkin that was also used in the original attempts to "blot" the fire. It was a mess.

At least one other table had the same thing happen during dinner, so we didn't feel like the only table of ten morons in the room. And, lucky for us, we were able to open a door behind our table to let the smell out before the entire room started holding their noses and staring scornfully at the idiots at the "60s and 70s Table."

Other than that little incident, everything was just perfect, though M and I are both happy to be home as we were missing S a lot. He hasn't gotten to see her yet as our flight was delayed and we didn't get in before she went to bed. Bummer. Here are some pics from the weekend. I'm out, peeps.
The view.

The bride and her ladies.

The perfect storm.

Mr. Ouiser, Mr. Feathernester, and M

Sweetest thing ever.

The remains.

The welcome wagon and all of her teeth.


Anonymous said...

The Mills are excited about seeing you guys this wkd. Call us with your schedule. Is S coming too - H really hopes so (as do we!!)

VA said...

Look at the missing teeth on that welcome wagon! The whole caboodle melts your heart!

As an aside, is the caption right on the fourth down? Or am I just confused? Mr. Ouiser and M?

Marissa said...

Too fun! I didn't know your table had a fire. Ours had a few flames, but they were quickly extinguished. It was great to see you last week. I can't wait to make my first trip to TN. Don't forget you promised me fudge and Dollywood.


die Frau said...

We managed not to burn anything, as far as I know. Miracle.

She has so many teeth!