Wednesday, November 14, 2007

it's sew time

First and foremost, today is going to be a great day. "Why," you ask.

Why? Why?

Two words. It rhymes with Schmodject Schmunway.

That's right. Project Runway starts tonight. I watched part of the Season Three marathon this weekend to get pumped up for it. I am so, so excited. There is, however, a concern. "It's sew time." That's the slogan they've been using to advertise the beginning of the new season. Um, is this supposed to be like, "it's show time," or is it like, "soooo time." (Soooo Taguchi, inside joke for M.) I'm all for clever wordplay, but I don't like to be confused by the Bravo Network. It makes me feel incompetent, and that's not a feeling that I like. Anyway, I'm probably overthinking the whole thing. You know how I am. I am certain that I'll get over my issue as soon as Heidi and Tim and Top American Designer Michael Kors and Fashion Director of Elle magazine Nina Garcia appear. I'm positively beaming with delight. Beaming, people.

So, I'm anxiously counting the hours until I can plop on the couch, curl under a blanket, and indulge in the guilty pleasure that is Project Runway.

Until then, I am working on a new experiment called, "is S ready to move to one nap a day?" She's been fighting nap time pretty hard for weeks now, so I kept her up until after lunch today, and have just put her in her crib. Wish me luck.

Auf Wiedersehen.


Sarah said...

How was it last night?! I was gonna watch it and then I realized that it's on at TEN!!! And I already have to take a nap on Thursday evenings just to watch The Office at nine, so I knew it would never happen.

die Frau said...

My friend D. LOVES it, so maybe with all these fabulous females raving about it, I should check it out. She was as excited as you were. Meanwhile, avoid "A Shot at Love with Tila Tequila". Although it is interesting to watch straight guys and lesbians make a play for the bisexual Tila. Wait, no, it's just gross.

Anonymous said...

Cousin Amy here. LOVE Project Runway. Love your Wednesday attitude. I'll have to remember that next time I am dragging ass to work Wednesday morning.