Sunday, March 11, 2012

your favorite part?

I'm back to posting random, useless things today, though I'm assuming you've all tested your smoke detectors. Ours are hardwired, but M installed a new smoke/CO2 detector in the basement yesterday.

I've discovered a new black hole on the internet. A blog called A Cup of Jo. I'm rather fascinated by it in a weirdly voyeuristic sort of way. I just ran across a post of hers from January asking her readership about their favorite body parts. You can read her brief post to understand where the topic came from. And since most of us spend whatever time we spend thinking of our bodies in a negative way, I thought it might be nice to force you all to say something you like about your bodies. And none of that "I like that I'm strong," kind of mess. I'm talking purely physical, purely shallow stuff.

I like my neckline and shoulders. It's likely part of the reason that I wear my hair in a pixie cut most of the time. I like that part of my body, so I like to focus on it. When I have long hair, I usually wear it up for the same reason.

So, you're up. What's your favorite body part?


Paper Bird and Little Fairy said...

My eyes. I also like my profile. I like the outline of my face. But my eyes are my favorite.


Leslie said...

I have a muscular back. I like to wear backless things because of it.

Sarah Berry said...

I'm gonna go ahead and assume that people who just had a baby a month ago (today, actually!) are excused from this poll :)

die Frau said...

I like my nose. A la Anne Shirley, I find my nose a great comfort.