Tuesday, May 10, 2011

some observations

Observations about baby T:
  • He's growing like a weed. He looks chubby...compared to how he looked a month ago. I might have to stop calling him the following nicknames: The Shrimp, Shrimp Toast, Shrimp Biscuit, Mommy's Little Shrimp Cocktail. To prove that he's growing, we weighed him at the coffee shop last Wednesday. To see pictures you'll have to get on Facebook and like House Blend. I could post the picture, but I want HB to have loads of Facebook fans.
  • His tummy seems to be doing better. I think it's more a combination of milk overload and my having a little thrush issue. Yikes. However, I don't think that I'll have to eat nothing but plain potatoes for the rest of my natural life. Hooray!
  • He's sleeping in his bouncy seat now, and he seems to be sleeping better. Or maybe I'm just sleeping better.
  • I adore him. Adore. Like, I want to lick the kid like a popsicle.
Observations about S:
  • She is still an awesome kid, but she gets on my nerves like nobody's business these days. Seriously, was she always so loud?
  • She has become the world's most prolific artist. We've got a stack of new art that's an inch and a half tall.
  • I caught her "reading" Charlie The Ranch Dog to T yesterday. It was precious. Totally worth all the trouble...
  • She is obsessed with these books. We read several chapters every night.
Observations about me:
  • There are janitors who don't clean toilets as much as I. Sincerely, I have a problem.
  • I might kill a person for cheese. Beware.
  • I haven't baked anything in five days, and it's killing me.

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Strongmama said...

regarding thrush-- if you have an issue, he does too and it's a B to get rid of. Are you taking acidophilus? Works like a charm along with the nystatin, which is sticky and gross. We also used the acidophilus in powder form for J and S when they had thrush issues.

I totally know how you feel about the older child suddenly being so loud. I'd love to tell you it gets quieter, but I'd be lying. Sorry.