Wednesday, April 27, 2011

making the bed.

You know, I have a newborn. Having the newborn made me insanely nervous about how I was going to get things done...things like getting S to preschool on time. Things like laundry. Now that we're almost three weeks into it, I realize that doing those things with a newborn isn't really the problem. Newborns sleep. A lot. And they're portable. A year from now...when T is mobile. Things will be harder then. For now, I should probably just be grateful that a lack of sleep is my biggest obstacle, and we're not really doing so shabby in that department. Other people have it loads worse than I.

That being said, here's what's happening around here. I am desperately trying to get the bed made everyday. Just to feel normal. I'm trying to stay on top of the laundry, but I'm also trying not to do that thing where I decide that every scrap of fabric in the house must be clean at once. Unless there is an emergency involving a stain, I am limiting myself to one load of laundry per day. And since T doesn't fit into his cloth diapers yet, that leaves me a couple of laundry free days a week. We don't go through that many clothes. Yet. We're getting back into the groove of eating dinner as a family. At the table. Like real people. S's bedtime routine has changed in the sense that she generally only gets one parent upstairs. Before baby T came along, her evening routine was a family affair. We'd all sit in her room to read together. We haven't made that work yet, and we might not, but she is still getting the same routine...even if the cast of characters is decidedly smaller.

Beyond that, I'm keeping the house picked up, but I've really backed off on needing things to be really clean. It'll come together someday, but for now I'm cutting myself some slack.

On a more interesting note, S is running around this morning saying, "Guten tag." I don't know where she learned it, but it's cracking me up.

Here are your pictures for the day.
S, who is apparently ready for her close up.
T, the future opera star.


Kristie said...

Unfortunately, I think T is going to go into the Entertainment industry. His pics are too funny!

Daily clothes we go through at my house:

S: PJs, set of wearing out clothes, set of play clothes
K: Usually one set of casual and/or gym clothes
G: One set of scrubs, one set of clothes for clinic, gym clothes, set of casual wear after 2nd shower of the day

Every day.
My laundry looks like mountains.
It is impossible to keep up with.

keLi said...

the Guten Tag and the opera singer made my day today ... off to make my bed and see what the fuss is about...