Monday, October 19, 2009

okay, okay.

I know I've been beyond remiss in my blogging habits. I wish, a la SouleMama, I had some great excuse, but I don't really. M and S have been sick, and now I'm sick-ish, but those aren't valid. Really, I've just been supremely lazy...and I've been spending all my spare time reading. That, of course, means that both my blog and my house have been sorely neglected. Sorely. So, since I last blogged...
  • S had the highlight of her life. She met a queen (not drag). She met the DCHS Homecoming Queen and some of her princesses. She got to touch the queen's dress and gloves and crown. It was magical, and I am sorry that I don't have a picture.
  • M and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary. We watched Vanderbilt get their tails handed to them by Ole Miss. The game was awful, but we had a fabulous day together, and it's so easy for me to see why I love him. We have a lot of fun together.
  • Pumpkin Spice creamer has made its way to the grocery for the season. When I thought life couldn't get much better, they put out some Peppermint Mocha creamer, and M bought me two bottles to get me through my little sickness.
Sadly, that's about all that's gone on here. M is out of town for the week. S and I are holed up in the house. It's not so bad...there is peppermint mocha creamer. So, I'm out, folks. Until next time, here's a little S to tide you over.

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Scarlet Lily said...

Whoa, Homecoming Queens in your town get PRINCESSES, gloves, and crowns?!! I was Homecoming Queen once and got handed a rose. I totally got screwed out of having my very own princesses!