Thursday, December 04, 2008

no dice.

We took S to see Santa Claus (or in S language, "Sankulk Clawwws") last night. Of course, we got there during Kris Kringle's dinner break, so my family took S to the Disney Store for the first time. It was sensory overload for a few minutes as she refused to venture beyond the first ten feet of the store, which was the princess section. Go figure. (Had I mentioned that the princess obsession has sort of already hit our house? Princesses are super fancy posh, and therefore, they are revered.) She didn't break anything or cry, so it was a success.

The visit with Santa Claus, however, was not a success. S refused to sit in his lap. Refused. When I tried to let go of her, she pulled her, "I will crush your internal organs with my thighs if you even think of letting me go" move. She didn't cry or scream or get really panicky, she just wouldn't let go of me. So, no Santa picture this year. She was super cute all decked out, though. Plus, she was really into the set up around Santa. Lots of big trees and lights and things. And let's not forget the unparalleled commercialism of Christmas. She pretty much loved everything about that. It was the first time I've let her walk in a mall, and she dug it the most.

So, since there is no Santa photo, here's a copy of a wide-eyed S spotting the Disney Store windows. Happy Thursday, peeps.

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Kristie said...

I feel your pain in the Santa department! Sophie has seen Big L, which I know strikes fear in your heart, and many other large creatures, and has been fine. We have had 5 attempts to get a picture with Santa! She is terrified! Screams, claws, and cries to get away! It is like she is being tortured!