Monday, August 20, 2012

kindergarten schmindergarten.

My girl has been an honest-to-goodness kindergartner for a couple of weeks now, so I suppose it's time to post some sort-of-first day photos and some actual first day photos.
Her sort-of-first day...the day she went with only half her class.

The official first day.

With M.

Me and my girl.

Over the past two weeks, she's been to music class, art class, computer class, the library, and gym.  She has eaten lunch in the cafeteria. She has had recess inside on a rainy day and outside either on the blacktop or the playground on all the sunny days.  She has successfully gone into school every day since the second day on her own without getting lost. She has had one incident wherein she got on top of a jungle gym and couldn't figure out how to get down and was rescued by "an older boy that's not in my class." She has stopped writing her "S's" backwards, and she has started writing her entire name on all of her papers despite the fact that we never call her by her entire name. She has learned to recite the entire book Brown Bear, Brown Bear, which doesn't sound that interesting until you realize that she's reading it with a serious southern drawl, which is new.

Those are the big things.

The changes? Moving from a lifelong 8pm bedtime to a 715-730 bedtime.  Having to have a shower every single day.  Waking her up at 630 every morning, which is tough because she's a sleeper, but is amazing because I wake her up by snuggling with her.  Planning outfits the night before.  Packing snacks and lunches every day.  Brushing her hair every day, which she hates preferring a cave girl look. Having to wear shoes all day every day.  Being tired.

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