Sunday, June 03, 2012

since i have little to say...

(aside from the fact that 1030 church is amazing because you can make and eat pancakes then sit in the courtyard with your husband drinking coffee before anyone has to shower)

...I will show you what life looks like around here today.

While T sleeps, S is watching Ramona and Beezus because she "got sweaty" helping me pick up sticks in the yard.

While T sleeps and S watches TV, M is diligently working to remove the stump created by the chopping down of the whomping willow.

 While T sleeps, S watches TV, and M works his tail off, I made these rock sculptures to inspire him because that's the way art works and I "got sweaty" picking up sticks and raking.

While T slept, S watched TV, M worked on giving himself a heat stroke, and I did nothing of any consequence, our mailbox sat out by the road looking shiny and cool with a tree wrapped around it. I love that tree.
And there you have it, a lovely Sunday afternoon.

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