Wednesday, May 16, 2012


S graduated from preschool yesterday, and my only struggle with sentimentality was when I walked her into school.  She was perfect and amazing, and I couldn't love her any more if I tried.  

 Before her last day of preschool.
 Getting ready to sing.
 Announcing that when she grows up, she'd like to be a princess, a ballerina, a teacher, and a gymnastics owner.
 Please note she's standing on a pew. She's not quite that tall yet. 
 M, however, is standing on the floor.  He is that freakishly tall.
 The girls.
 Leaving preschool for the last time.
Please note the difference between the boys' table and the girls'.


Sarah Berry said...

LOVE the boy/girl table differences!

Melissa Suter said...

Congrats! She looks so beautiful and you and Marc look like such proud parents. Also....I love your dress (from the back view). Would like to see it from the front sometime. I love simple black dresses. Sorry....just a random thought! :)