Monday, February 27, 2012

what needs to be done.

Recently, I read something somewhere.

Brilliant, no?

It was a call to action, more or less, and it was simply, "Do what needs to be done."

The point was, don't think to yourself that you need to scour your entire house/organize your entire life. Instead, pick up the crap in the floor (or on the floor, all you yankee, literal interpreters). Or put away the mess on the bathroom vanity. Or go through the pile of mail on the desk. Do the most obvious thing that needs to be done to further your goal.

Despite the fact that I keep a pretty tidy house, I regularly find myself a bit overwhelmed. I'll look at the kitchen after a particularly messy batch of baking and feel utterly deflated, then I stop, take a deep breath, and figure out what the first step needs to be. It's the same sometimes with the kids' messes. (Usually T's messes as I require S to pick up after herself.)

Lots of times, I'm not even remotely overwhelmed by anything, but I'll look at the room I'm in and ask myself, "what needs to be done?" Sometimes, a throw just needs to be placed properly on the arm of the chair where it jauntily lives. Sometimes, S's lucky rock needs to be put back inside its house. Sometimes, my calendar needs to be lined up to the proper angle with the edge of the counter.

So, that is all I have to say today. Do what needs to be done.

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The Perfect Space said...

You have inspired me to organize my desk at work today. It NEEDS to be done :-)