Wednesday, January 04, 2012

to market, to market.

I'll begin with this: Happy New Year.

Then this: I know I've got a lot of catching up to do: Advent-ures, Christmas, that kind of stuff. I've been busy with a sick Granddaddy, though, so that must wait.

For now: S decided this morning that she needs a new American Girl doll. She decided this whilst looking through one of her Kirsten books. When she said she wanted Molly, I told her that Molly cost a lot of money, and she took her money pouch off the fridge and asked me to count how much she had.


Me: You have ten dollars.

S: How much does Molly cost?

Me: One hundred dollars, but if you'll save half the money, Daddy and I will pay for the rest.

S: Okay. I need to make some money.

Me: How are you going to do that?

S: I'm going to sell some of my baby stuff.

Me: Like what?

S: Probably that Little Bo Peep rhyming book. (A seriously tattered board book.)

Me (giggling in my head): Really? How much do you think that book will sell for?

S (without hesitation): Seven dollars.

Me: (guffawing in my head): That's a start.


Inevitably, the new American Girl catalog came this afternoon. I had been thrilled to know that Kanani, last year's Girl of the Year doll, would be gone from my life forever. Hopefully, with all mention of S's desire to have Kanani's Shaved Ice Stand gone with her. Alas, I should be careful what I wish for. This year's Girl of the Year is McKenna, a gymnast. As S takes gymnastics, she feels that the new American Girl doll is sent from Heaven to be hers. Shoot me. She's in the other room poring over the catalog, dreaming of McKenna and matching leotards and uneven bars. I hate American Girl. It is the root of all evil. Not really, but it's close behind Disney and exercising. Those are really the co-roots of evil.


Leslie said...

Perhaps things would be different if I had children, but I feel like the American Girl dolls look like cherubs and babies in Medieval paintings - child bodies and weird non-child faces that make you want to run in terror.

Could just be me, though.

Strongmama said...

That's a tough one-- disney or american girl? we get the catalogs and I immediately recycle them. The longer we can keep S away from them, the better!

Welcome back! I've missed you. I realize this is the pot calling the kettle black, but I have been working on my one post a quarter for a few days now. :)