Tuesday, October 19, 2010

lucky number 600

This is my 600th post. Seriously. What on Earth have I rambled about in 600 posts? Besides nothing lately??


We've moved into the castle. At least all of our stuff and our bodies are in the castle. There's mysteriously been a lot of vomit in my life lately...and S had an ear infection...and I had strep during the move. It's been insane. Either way, we're
getting there, but there are no pictures, and I wouldn't hold my breath waiting for pictures. It's a slow process these days.

I just wanted to say hello. I know you've missed me. I'll placate you with a couple of pictures of S.


mowask said...

oh how i've missed little ms S!

Scarlet Lily said...

I'm am dying in regards to that first picture!!!

Also, you're very sly ;)

Wonderland said...

She looks so OLD in the first picture. I mean, not like 85 or anything, but like a pre-teen. Oh man. Thanks for the pics.