Wednesday, August 11, 2010

it will begin with the letter 'A'

S started preschool this morning. Like, actual preschool. Not Mother's Day Out. Preschool. With learning.

We went to Open House last night and met her teachers, and they told us that today they would start learning the letter 'A.' That is so exciting...though she already knows 'A,' so I was hoping they'd start with 'F.' She adamantly refuses to acknowledge that letter. Whatever. I'm excited for her. She was very sweet this morning, and she's way too independent already. She asked me, "Do you have to walk me to my classroom, Mommy?" Um, yes. I do.

So, my little girl is off at school with her lunch of peanut-butter-and-jelly-cut-in-rectangles-not-triangles, pretzels, grapes, and gummies. I am sitting here looking through all the pictures I took of her this morning and wondering how it's possible that this child of mine is already in preschool. It's pretty amazing...this whole being a mommy thing.
She started the photo session with a little disco. Unfortunately, the camera lens was foggy.
Every preschooler needs a funny face.
Her "packpack," which she claimed was very heavy once her lunch was packed.
I am a little afraid that she's going to be like Chandler picture smile at all.


Ashley Sanders said...

Yay for Miss S!!! Addie is off at preschool to today and has already come to the conclusion that Stella needs to come to her new school. Hope your day is great.
P.S. At least S tries to smile for the camera. Addie still just covers her face. Her first day that preschool sent home looks like a mugshot.

allison said...

our little dancing queen. love her!
K was asking about her yesterday. i'll have to show him the pics when he gets home from art camp.

Wonderland said...

So cute!

Strongmama said...

J could barely stand up the first time I put his lunch in his backpack. We now carry each separately. The wind could blow that kid over, so there's no telling what a stainless steel cup and container would do to him! Hope school was fun!

die Frau said...

I love when little kids' backpacks cover their entire backs.

Perhaps it's good that she doesn't acknowledge F? Certain unpleasant words begin with F.... (of course then how will she say friend, father, fun....ok, I'll stop now.)