Monday, April 05, 2010

a catch all.

I realize that it's been almost two weeks since I last posted. You have my sincerest apologies. Things have been a bit nutty around here. Last week, I spent several fabulous days with dear C in Knoxville and Asheville, working on planning her awesome wedding-to-be. When I got home there was much (and I mean much) baking to do. Alpine Easter Bread and Banana Nut Bread for a cancer auction. Apple Tarte Tatin, Fresh Coconut Cake, Buttermilk Dinner Rolls, and Sweet Potato Biscuits for Easter lunch. Don't let anyone tell you differently, that was a lot of baking. Lots of flour was used. Lots. Also, fresh coconuts are a lot of work in and of themselves. That feat will not be repeated. Especially since I don't even eat coconut. Barf. We also had a lot of gardening work to get done over the weekend. Plus you And Easter lunch. And laundry. And life. You know how it goes. So, that was all very busy but everything went well.

Today I was preparing the family to leave on a little trip to Gatlinburg tomorrow. M is presenting at a conference, and S and I are tagging along. Unfortunately, M's dad's dog, the infamous Pretzel, had to be put to sleep this morning. She was just a shade under sixteen years old. She lived a very long and pampered life, and because she was so old, this wasn't a huge shock. We were not, however, expecting to have to do it today. M had to come home early from work to meet me at the vet's office, but it's for the best. We took her out to the farm and buried her near where we plan to live sometime in the future. It's a little surreal to think back on this day and realize that really happened.

Now, we're packing to leave in the morning, so we'll be out of commission for another week. I know you'll be very sad, but I'll leave you with some Easter pictures to tide you over.
Really. She is this pretty.
My loves.
My child...whose hair is almost always strung across her face.
The quintessential L.


Scarlet Lily said...

L's little devil face is totally scaring me!

Leslie said...

I'm sorry to hear about Pretzel. One time during college I had dinner at Mr. Ouiser's house and I got up to get something to drink and when I returned the dog was practically ON MY PLATE. She was crafty! RIP, Pretzel.

mo wask said...

1. Sorry to hear of Pretzel's passing. Although we'd never met Pretzel, I feel like we'd known her all along from all of the stories.
2. Why didn't you guys just drive east when you left Asheville? Really. You could have enjoyed a week of lime green! The pollen this year is the worst it has been since we moved here. Bring on some rain to wash it away!
3. Ah the joys of Redneck Disneyland! Got your white hanes tank packed?
4. I think I gained 5 lbs just reading your list of baked goods. Yum-O! I think they would have all ended up on Fav list!
5. Safe travels to the P fam.

M said...

S is beautiful!!

die Frau said...

Aw, sorry to hear about Pretzel. No matter the age, that's always difficult. Hope M and Mr. P are ok.

That face of L's makes her look JUST LIKE DADDY. It's hilarious.

Anonymous said...

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Paper Bird and Little Fairy said...

I miss you....